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Jacco van Koll jacco.van.koll at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 08:52:34 PST 2011

Dear reader,

Before I start with my 'wish list', I would like to introduce myself.

As a Linux user started with kernel 0.99p12 around 1994, I am one of
those addicts that only try to use Linux for everything and to
convince people to use it. I am not a programmer, but, if I spend a
huge amount of time and efford, I could produce some code, that
probably would be re-written I am more of a systems-engineer.
I am a scuba diver also and I was in the search of a good logging
program too. And Linus, to my surprise, is a diver too. He started to
write subsurface. Thank you Mr. Torvalds!
>From one of the early releases I am fiddling with it and it becomes
more mature with every release. This is *GOOD*! And I do recognize the
amount of work that is in the program.

There are only a few things that I do mis in the program, as:

- Visibility. In The Netherlands, you dive sometimes in green soup.
Sometimes your visibility is about 10 centimeter, or >15 meters. In
our paper log, we always make a note about the visibility. This can be
in measurements (metric/imperial) or in words like: None, Poor,
Average, Good, Great.
- Dive location specifics. Like around the village of Scharendijke in
The Netherlands, there are about 7 dive-spots. So, some additional
information about the location, like the name of the spot, or even
geo-info like Latitude and Longitude could be nice. Maybe this could
be synchronized with an internet database.. But that could be
problematic I think. On the other had, I can provide a MySQL or
PostGreSQL for that.....
- Used amount of lead
- Type of water: Salt, Sweet, or, a combination, like we call 'Brak'.
(Dunno the translation for that, and Google is not in shape today)
- Type of suit: Dry, Semi-Dry, Wet
- Type of dive: Night, Deco, Drift, Wreck, Boat, Tidal water,
Training, Ice, (Free form). Maybe tick-options for multiple options?
- Type of weather: Free form, or: The main types of weather: Cloudy,
Partly Cloudy, Sunny, Or free form?
- Some personal info, that can be printed like: Name, date of birth,
Sex, Last physical check, length, weight, Certificate(s)

I know that it is a bunch of things, and I realy *do not
request/expect/want* this to be immediately, but it are just some

And, Many, many thanks! The printouts are great to show to my
instructor! He is now thinking about switching over to Linux


Jacco van Koll

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