Bug: Cylinder editor doesn't honor sorting

Jacco van Koll jacco.van.koll at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 17:48:14 PST 2011


> Remember: highly technical divers do "fun dives" too.

Yes, there you have the weak spot in my motivation.... But that
doesn't eliminate the knowledge of Nitrox, Trimix, etc.

> There's simply a *difference* between diving a regular tank of air and
> diving some Helium blend. Sure, technically "air" is just a special
> case of a trimix, but in practice that simply isn't true. If the dive
> list says "air", that actually tells you something that "21/0" would
> just make harder to see.

I do understand what you say here and I do agree with that. For fun
divers this could be confusing.

> So I think it's worth making the very clear distinction even visually.

Even a better idea!

> Now, one thing that we might want to make more clear is the "multiple
> cylinder" issue.


> and anything more complicated than that would just not fit well in the
> dive list.

I think that this is not only a 'technical' issue, but also an issue
of all the kinds of blends that can be used, depending on what the
dive is about... This makes it complex, I think?

> Because right now we simplify that third case to just "50", which is
> kind of sad, and looks a bit excessive simplification-wise.

And could confuse people too, I think.

Regards, Jacco

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