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> > I was actually thinking about import feature for people to move from
> other
> > dive log software to subsurface and implement that import using the
> libxslt.
> > And if it would make any sense if I tried to hack together such import
> > feature.
> I do think that as an "import" feature, it's probably a good idea.
Here is some code that uses the JDiveLog XSLT to import the logs to
subsurface. Too bad I do not know enough of GTK to be able to use share dir
as base for the style sheet file. Thus it currently only works on
subsurface's main source dir. I guess someone on the list knows how to do
the missing part (and I do not need to keep googling).

> Getting things like that right is always going to be a matter of
> random hacks, and whether you use xslt or C won't much matter. I don't
> know how general-purpose xslt conversions can be, but I assume they
> can set flags depending on random other xml fields and then do
> conditional unit conversions based on those flags if required?

Yep, it is possible to conditionally do the unit conversions based on any
xml field.

> So if you want to do the xslt rules to convert Suunto SDM files, for
> example, I would certainly not object. I'll happily remove the suunto
> hacks from our current xml parser.

If someone has XML logs with some dive log software and subsurface
(preferably same dives read by both softwares) and is willing to provide
samples, I can take a look into writing XSLT for that import.

BTW currently the open and import features seem to be the same. I thought
that open should open a new log file not merge the new file with already
open data.

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