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Lubomir I. Ivanov neolit123 at
Sun Nov 6 00:49:04 EDT 2011

From: "Miika Turkia" <miika.turkia at>
> I believe that libxslt works on windows and macos but have no way to test
> it (I tried to cross compile the original version for windows but got an
> error even with that: unrecognized option ‘-pthread’).

seems to work ok on windows:

> I have attached a slightly modified version that does not compile the XSLT
> stuff in if libxslt is missing and installs the xslt files in Linux to
> /usr/share/subsurface.

hmm, wouldn't it be better to install to the home dir:
[win32 = %USERPROFILE%/, unix-like = $HOME]

...for consistency across the OSes and so that the xslt files can be modified by 
non-root users?


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