Air and water temperature

Alexandre Belloni alexandre.belloni at
Tue Nov 8 23:31:02 PST 2011


I'm using a Suunto Vyper. It is recording only three temperatures: the
air temperature before the dive, the water temperature at the maximum
depth of the dive and the water temperature at the surface. Those are
reported by libdivecomputer this way: the air temperature is in the
first sample, the water temperature at the bottom is in every sample at
the maximum depth and the water temperature at the surface is in the
last sample.

I've made a quick patch that will consider the first temperature reading
as the air temperature. Is this a safe assumption with all the dive
computers ?
In that case, it removes the reading from the calculation of the water
temperature. Then, it is handling the case where we only have one
reading. This could be due to a previous version that removed redundant
But, this could also be coming from a computer that doesn't handle air
temperature, this case is not handled, air temp will be equal to water

Lastly, when there is only one temperature reported for the duration of
one dive, the temperature graph is not drawn. See attached test file.


Alexandre Belloni

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