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On Wed, Nov 09, 2011 at 01:31:02AM -0600, Alexandre Belloni wrote :
> Hi,
> I'm using a Suunto Vyper. It is recording only three temperatures: the
> air temperature before the dive, the water temperature at the maximum
> depth of the dive and the water temperature at the surface. Those are
> reported by libdivecomputer this way: the air temperature is in the
> first sample, the water temperature at the bottom is in every sample at
> the maximum depth and the water temperature at the surface is in the
> last sample.
> I've made a quick patch that will consider the first temperature reading
> as the air temperature. Is this a safe assumption with all the dive
> computers ?
> In that case, it removes the reading from the calculation of the water
> temperature. Then, it is handling the case where we only have one
> reading. This could be due to a previous version that removed redundant
> values.
> But, this could also be coming from a computer that doesn't handle air
> temperature, this case is not handled, air temp will be equal to water
> temp.
> Lastly, when there is only one temperature reported for the duration of
> one dive, the temperature graph is not drawn. See attached test file.
> Regards,
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> Alexandre Belloni

Alexandre Belloni
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