Windows binaries

Lubomir I. Ivanov neolit123 at
Sun Nov 27 07:29:00 PST 2011

>>> if a zip "" is also provided then it has to match the
>>> versions in "". e.g. i have "libxml2.dll" and
>>> "pthreadGC1.dll"
>> Not sure how to deal with that - in the subsurface.nsi file we need the
>> exact versions that we link against. Is there a tool like ldd on Windows
>> that we could use to create the output? All I found is DependencyWalker
>> and that's not a native tool, either (and not opensource, either, so we
>> can't distribute it).
>  <snip>
> i will try to match the versions in the eventual "src" package to the 
> crossbuild DLL versions.
> that are in the windows installer.

ok, this part if fixed now. i'm using the same library versions (dlls) for the 
native windows build.


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