API redesign progress

Linus Torvalds torvalds at linux-foundation.org
Fri Jun 22 13:29:38 PDT 2012

On Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 4:51 AM, Jef Driesen <jefdriesen at telenet.be> wrote:
> In a nutshell, the most important changes are:
>  * Introduce a namespace prefix for the high-level public api.
>  * Use common status codes and backend type.

Yup, good. That cleaned things up.

>  * Add device enumeration support.

And this is great, and I already changed my subsurface tree to use it.

>  * Add dc_device_open() and dc_parser_new() convenience functions.


Very good. Much better than the old interface. I've made the necessary
subsurface changes, and while I'll need to tweak it some, it already
resulted in

   3 files changed, 138 insertions(+), 282 deletions(-)

while actually getting a better computer list with those fewer lines of code.

I think I'll just force subsurface users to get the new
libdivecomputer source, because this is a big step forward. Even if it
isn't perhaps ready and stable yet, I much prefer this over the
release-0.1 interfaces.

I'll try to give more feedback when I've tested the basic changes a
bit more, but for now, this looks like a huge improvement.


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