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Amit Chaudhuri amit.k.chaudhuri at
Mon Jun 25 11:04:01 PDT 2012

Hi Linus / Jeff,

I have succeeded in doing two things:

1) reading data form the Vyper Air using subsurface invoked from the
command line
2) reading data from a Gekko - same method

The key to 1) appears to be to tell the Vyper Air it is a D9 before
re-trying Vyper Air.  If I do this I see diagnostics which (indirectly)
tell me it's not a D9 and that it "cannot recognise the protocol variant".
Once that's done and I've said "Vyper Air" through the GUI drop down, I can
immediately see returning data blobs in the debug output and the progress
dialog kicks in etc.

I decided to try this approach after noting that in subsurface source
(libdivecomputer.c) there is the following:

static parser_status_t create_parser(device_data_t *devdata, parser_t
    switch (devdata->type) {
        return suunto_solution_parser_create(parser);

        return suunto_eon_parser_create(parser, 0);

        if (devdata->devinfo.model == 0x01)
            return suunto_eon_parser_create(parser, 1);
        return suunto_vyper_parser_create(parser);

        return suunto_d9_parser_create(parser, devdata->devinfo.model);

I haven't followed the code path to see if I can make sense of the
behaviour.  And I don't understand why I would see this problem and other
users do not.  Could it be something to do with being on a 64-bit openSUSE
machine? Maybe I have older or newer drivers?? I get the impression that
Linus you've tried this with Vyper AIr and not had the problem I did..

If there is anything further you'd like me to try or any additional info
which might be of interest..........

Thanks for your help to date; I've achieved my main aim of getting those
early dives out in electronic format.



[Starting to look through last year's Gekko logged dives :-)

Gekko PS - for anyone wondering like me how to read from a Gekko which
doesn't officially support the PC interface, the key is to use the menu
mode and time buttons to head into memory, pc set.  I was then able to read
by using the D9 / Vyper [Not Vyper Air] trick above.  Others may not need
to use the D9 faint....I'd be interested to hear from others who have
success with Gekko & subsurface.  Happy for emails off forum to avoid
distraction.  I was less than impressed with the attitude from Suunto when
I was first looking at this a few weeks back.

Gekko PPS - because there is no formal support for the interface from
Suunto you might want to wait until it's not your main computer before
trying this.  I can't guarantee that you won't blow the device up but I can
predict that Suunto will not be too helpful if you do...
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