Failed to receive the answer (from Suunto Vyper Air)

Jef Driesen jefdriesen at
Mon Jun 25 13:26:01 PDT 2012

On 06/25/2012 08:04 PM, Amit Chaudhuri wrote:
> I have succeeded in doing two things:
> 1) reading data form the Vyper Air using subsurface invoked from the command line
> 2) reading data from a Gekko - same method
> The key to 1) appears to be to tell the Vyper Air it is a D9 before re-trying
> Vyper Air.  If I do this I see diagnostics which (indirectly) tell me it's not a
> D9 and that it "cannot recognise the protocol variant".  Once that's done and
> I've said "Vyper Air" through the GUI drop down, I can immediately see returning
> data blobs in the debug output and the progress dialog kicks in etc.

No idea why this works. Probably something automagically initiates the 
connection, just like the retrying does for most users.

> I decided to try this approach after noting that in subsurface source
> (libdivecomputer.c) there is the following:
> static parser_status_t create_parser(device_data_t *devdata, parser_t **parser)
> {
>      switch (devdata->type) {
>          return suunto_solution_parser_create(parser);
>          return suunto_eon_parser_create(parser, 0);
>          if (devdata->devinfo.model == 0x01)
>              return suunto_eon_parser_create(parser, 1);
>          return suunto_vyper_parser_create(parser);
>      case DEVICE_TYPE_SUUNTO_D9:
>          return suunto_d9_parser_create(parser, devdata->devinfo.model);

This just means the data format of the d9 and vyper2 is identical. This has 
nothing to do with the downloading.

> I haven't followed the code path to see if I can make sense of the behaviour.
> And I don't understand why I would see this problem and other users do not.
> Could it be something to do with being on a 64-bit openSUSE machine? Maybe I
> have older or newer drivers?? I get the impression that Linus you've tried this
> with Vyper AIr and not had the problem I did..

It's unlikely to be related to the drivers, because it shows up on all three 
operating systems.

> If there is anything further you'd like me to try or any additional info which
> might be of interest..........

I have no further suggestions at this point, other than the one I already gave you.

> Gekko PS - for anyone wondering like me how to read from a Gekko which doesn't
> officially support the PC interface, the key is to use the menu mode and time
> buttons to head into memory, pc set.  I was then able to read by using the D9 /
> Vyper [Not Vyper Air] trick above.  Others may not need to use the D9
> faint....I'd be interested to hear from others who have success with Gekko &
> subsurface.  Happy for emails off forum to avoid distraction.  I was less than
> impressed with the attitude from Suunto when I was first looking at this a few
> weeks back.

Am not aware of any problems with the Gekko. Downloading should work from the 
first attempt and no retrying is necessary.

> Gekko PPS - because there is no formal support for the interface from Suunto you
> might want to wait until it's not your main computer before trying this.  I
> can't guarantee that you won't blow the device up but I can predict that Suunto
> will not be too helpful if you do...

The Gekko supports downloading. It's only the Suunto software that refuses to 
download any data once it detects a Gekko is connected. Thus the limitation is 
in the software, not the hardware. Stupid marketing trick. Of course we don't 
such a check. Why would we. There is even a hack available to make the Suunto 
software believe it's a vyper.


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