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Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Thu Nov 1 09:39:40 PDT 2012

"Lubomir I. Ivanov" <neolit123 at> writes:

> re: ee5c31d2921c0b8970
> "Show drive name after the drive letter on Windows"
> just a quick note.
> i was willing to do the same:
> drive-letter (label)
> but thought that the value in there is directly passed to libDC?
> gtk-gui.c:download_dialog():
> ...
> devicedata.devname = gtk_entry_get_text(device);
> which might break libDC's device parameter (dc_device_open()) unless
> it only takes the first 3 characters (e.g. "C:\").

Oh dang - that was me not paying attention. I tested the patch, but
since I had just previously downloaded all my data from my dive computer
I only tested that it displayed what I wanted to see, not if it still
correctly connected to the DC.

I guess it would be safe to clean up the "device" name after it was
selected to search for the pattern " (" and drop everything starting
from there...


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