Any people here with deco dives?

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sat Nov 10 03:15:31 PST 2012

I just merged my code that shows the ceiling for deco dives. You'll get
something like this:

(and if you violate the ceiling the shaded area turns an angry red...)

The caveat? So far this has only been tested with the Uemis Zurich
(where it works with master, but you'll have to reimport your dives for
this) and with the OSTC, which requires a patch to libdivecomputer. I
have sent that patch to Jef but until he decides whether to push this
out I'll be happy to provide it to other OSTC users to test with.

If you use a different dive computer and have deco dives on the computer
I'd love to hear what kind of information libdivecomputer provides for
those - reading the code in libdivecomputer I don't think we have enough
information to plot something like this is Subsurface, but I'd love to
find out for sure (and maybe even try to fix libdivecomputer to provide
us with more information, assuming it is available from the dive
computer for download. Sadly Linus' Suunto has already overwritten our
deco dives with newer ones :-(

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