Tons of new features

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Nov 11 09:13:43 PST 2012

For those who don't pull the sources three times a day (you all do that,
right?) a quick heads up... Linus and I had a day of diving being
cancelled due to rotten weather and spent that time (plus the time after
diving the previous days and while we were supposed to wait to off-gas
until we could fly out tomorrow) on another diving related activity

Here's the shortlog from the past three days:

Dirk Hohndel (17):
      Process ceiling events and store ceiling data in plot_info
      Add plotting of the deco ceiling
      Ignore last dive read from Uemis when starting with empty divelist
      Instead of the ugly red boxes make the surface come down to ceiling
      Create the correct ceiling events for Uemis Zurich
      Use correct surface pressure to detect ceiling with Uemis Zurich
      Fix cut and paste error in an error message
      Convert Uemis deco stop hold time to seconds
      Improve logic handling events
      Add threshold feature for partial pressure graphs
      Add support for obtaining salinity from libdivecomputer
      Add depth to mbar helper function
      Trim the dive to exclude surface time at beginning and end
      Add special download modes to force updates from the divecomputer
      Zoom with left mouse button
      Add more data to our tool-tip display in the profile window
      Handle dives without samples correctly

Linus Torvalds (14):
      Try to find optimal dive sample merge offset
      gtk spinbuttons are crazy - fix possible divide-by-zero
      Fix default filename handling errors
      Simplify and clean up dive trip management
      Don't simplify 'bookmark' and 'heading' events
      Prepare to merge non-overlapping dives
      Support merging of two adjacent dives
      Fix selection and trip expansion logic after merging dives
      Initial not-so-pretty profile zoom support
      Create tool-tip with depth/pressure for the whole profile area
      Fix possible array bound violation for insanely long dives
      Be stricter about when we allow merging of dives
      Make the "click-to-zoom" use a 2.5x zoom factor
      Add back mysteriously deleted "} else {" line

Salvador Cuñat (2):
      Draw a thin frame around dive prints
      Add another print option, 1 dive per sheet.

Lots of things to test...


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