Compute deco algorithms [was Re: Any people here with deco dives?]

Henrik Brautaset Aronsen subsurface at
Mon Nov 12 05:06:31 PST 2012

Den 10.11.12 12:15, skrev Dirk Hohndel:
> If you use a different dive computer and have deco dives on the 
> computer I'd love to hear what kind of information libdivecomputer 
> provides for those - reading the code in libdivecomputer I don't think 
> we have enough information to plot something like this is Subsurface, 
> but I'd love to find out for sure (and maybe even try to fix 
> libdivecomputer to provide us with more information, assuming it is 
> available from the dive computer for download. Sadly Linus' Suunto has 
> already overwritten our deco dives with newer ones :-(

I just thought of a fun feature: Being able to graph the deco profile 
based on existing depth/time/gas data.

That way we could look at the differences between e.g. RGBM, Bühlmann 
and VPM with various agressivity settings for a given dive.

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