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Miika Turkia miika.turkia at
Fri Nov 23 23:38:49 PST 2012

Can anyone spot a bug either in the attached converted XML or in
Subsurface's graph handling? To me it looks like the conversion is
valid but I still get a graph that's width is 1 pixel.

I did a bit of experimenting by removing some samples from the dive
(especially the ones after the dive has finished) but didn't see much
improvement. Deleting a few samples from the beginning gave a couple
of pixels for the graph but still total fail.

You are right about the delta. If the DC does not report the sample
rate then we have to use the recorded times (which is of course
simpler than has to be done with the DCs that don't record the time
stamps of samples).


On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 8:06 PM, Salvador Cuñat
<salvador.cunat at> wrote:
> Hi.
> Just report I'm having the same problem than Diego.  No lost dives, just
> the time param in the samples is 0:00.
> I have attached 3 files with the same dive (rec dive, no deco, no
> stages, for simplicity pourposes), the .jlb, an .xml with the output of
> xsltproc, and finally the subsurface .xml.
> I'm pretty sure that the problem comes from the $delta definition, as
> there are no DELTA param in the .jlb file.   Then multiplying by 0 ...
> There is another problem with the temperature as it remains in ºK, but
> don't looks like a problem in jdivelog2subsurface.xslt.
> Best Regards.
> Salva
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