new Uemis downloader

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Fri Nov 30 18:51:23 PST 2012

Ok, that's a slight overstatement. But it's somewhat true.

Instead of going through the intermediary "SDA" file (which is then
handed of to parse_xml_buffer) the Uemis code now simply creates the
dives itself. In the process I added some features (divespots are now
correctly imported) and removed a whole bunch of code (there really was
no point in leaving the ability to import SDA files around...)

How many people here have the Uemis Zurich? I know Martin and Linus
do... anyone else? I'd /really/ love to see some testing of this.

Ideally start with an empty log file - it will automatically download
all your dives. Then check for differences with what you had
before. Hopefully the differences will be good news.

Oh, this works better (assuming you have deco dives on your Uemis) if
you install the latest trunk of libdivecomputer - but it compiles and
works with libdivecomputer 0.2 as well... there are just some issues
with the end of deco in that case (as the event that notifies Subsurface
of the end of deco is new in 0.3...)

Please let me know how it works...


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