Contribution: Translating into spanish

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Tue Oct 9 06:43:06 PDT 2012

Miguel Labay Guerrero <miglagu at> writes:

> Hello, I would like to contribute to this project by helping to 
> translate subsurface into spanish. Please count on me for that if you 
> don't have anyone that could help you with that.

Sorry, this post hung in the moderation queue for a few weeks - my

Yes, we have received quite a few requests for localized versions of
Subsurface, so past the 2.0 release this is something we need to

First the source base needs to be converted to be ready for
translations, then the actual translations need to be contributed.

I'll admit upfront that I have very little experience with the available
libraries and tools for localization. Gtk projects appear to use the
gettext infrastructure to do so - but I don't know if this is the only
option, the best option, or even the right option for us.

Anyone with more experience who'd like to chime in?


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