Contribution: Translating into spanish

Linus Torvalds torvalds at
Tue Oct 9 17:47:43 PDT 2012

On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 8:25 AM, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> wrote:
>> also i'm not sure if this call is crucial for gettext to work:
>> setlocale( LC_ALL, "" );
>> but i recall that it was unwanted at some point due to GTK issues,
>> could be wrong.
> I believe we have fixed the Gtk issue - Linus, you were working on that,
> do you remember what exactly happened there?

gtk does the selocale() for us, which screwed up number parsing for
us. But we fixed that separately (by using the glib g_ascii_strtod),
so the current source code should have the locale set without any need
for an explicit setlocale() call.

I'd suggest just using gettext() for localization. It's not wonderful,
but it's the normal way to do things, and it's less painful than some.
And it should be easily available cross-platform. Yes, maintaining the
*.po files can be a pain, but that's pretty much unavoidable.


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