[PATCH] Add Finnish translation

Tommi Saviranta wnd at iki.fi
Sat Oct 13 05:06:20 PDT 2012

Here's Finnish translation that gives little attention to string length.
I shortened some strings to fit the UI better, but couldn't think of
proper abbreviations for the others. Also, I'm simply guessing with some
translations, especially with logged events. At least it's a start.

Finnish translation could be improved if certain strings would not be
reused in different contexts. For example, yearly statistics view uses
"\nMinimum" for depth, SAC and temperature. Proper Finnish translation
would use (at least) two differnet string: "pienin" for SOC (and depth)
and "alin" for temperature. I believe using translation keys instead of
English would benefit other languages also. Personally I dislike
translation keys in the code but I'm not aware of alternatives.

I've been lazy to follow the mailing lists so I'm not sure if this is
known already, but as of commit 549425a692dd48769627ea6821f4ee9044e2e357
there are some unlocalised strings in the code. For example, cylinder
dialog (equipment.c:951) has size and pressure unlocalised. Attached
patch does not address these. I also discovered that dates are not
translated on Linux with LC_*, LANG and LANGUAGE all set as fi_FI.UTF-8.
This may been discussed before but I decided to (re)report it just in
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