[PATCH] Add Finnish translation

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Sat Oct 13 09:33:48 PDT 2012

Tommi Saviranta <wnd at iki.fi> writes:

> Here's Finnish translation that gives little attention to string length.
> I shortened some strings to fit the UI better, but couldn't think of
> proper abbreviations for the others. Also, I'm simply guessing with some
> translations, especially with logged events. At least it's a start.

I think that's the state of several of our translations at this point.

> Finnish translation could be improved if certain strings would not be
> reused in different contexts. For example, yearly statistics view uses
> "\nMinimum" for depth, SAC and temperature. Proper Finnish translation
> would use (at least) two differnet string: "pienin" for SOC (and depth)
> and "alin" for temperature. I believe using translation keys instead of
> English would benefit other languages also. Personally I dislike
> translation keys in the code but I'm not aware of alternatives.

I noticed this in several translations. The strings in the yearly
statistics are broken across two lines in unfortunate ways (from a
translation perspective). I need to look at better ways to do this
without making the code too ugly.

> I've been lazy to follow the mailing lists so I'm not sure if this is
> known already, but as of commit 549425a692dd48769627ea6821f4ee9044e2e357
> there are some unlocalised strings in the code. For example, cylinder
> dialog (equipment.c:951) has size and pressure unlocalised.

Those clearly are oversights on my part. I need to take a look and find
the ones I missed in my first (and second) pass :-/

> Attached
> patch does not address these. I also discovered that dates are not
> translated on Linux with LC_*, LANG and LANGUAGE all set as fi_FI.UTF-8.
> This may been discussed before but I decided to (re)report it just in
> case.

That's because we wrote our own time and date code - I think this was
because of some missing posix functions on the Mac or something - I need
to go back and take a look at the git log.

Thanks for pointing out the bugs. More work to be done, I guess. And
thanks for the Finnish translation. Northern Europe is well covered :-)


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