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Jnoel jnoel at
Mon Oct 15 07:35:02 PDT 2012

Yes I've made some few spelling corrections in the po file of
Pierre-Yves directly from github fr+AF8-FR po file.
I've just made a pull request after corrections... Is that the correct
approach ?


Le lundi 15 octobre 2012 +AOA 07:00 -0700, Dirk Hohndel a +AOk-crit :

+AD4 Jnoel writes:
+AD4 +AD4 Ok +ACE Sorry I haven't seen it .
+AD4 +AD4 Jacco van Koll's version seems perfect.
+AD4 It actually was Pierre-Yves Chibon who did the French translation. Jacco
+AD4 did the Dutch one.
+AD4 I haven't compared the two .po files, yet -  Jean-No+AOs-l, Pierre, any changes
+AD4 that I should incorporate?
+AD4 /D
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