de_CH translation

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Mon Oct 15 09:55:56 PDT 2012

Martin Gysel <me at> writes:

> Here's the Swiss-(High-)German translation which is mostly based on the
> German translation.

Awesome. We now have Bulgarian, German, Swiss-German, Norwegian,
Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, French, Slovakian; we also have Italian, just
waiting for a Signed-Off-By...

Some of those are certainly not in the expected first 10 languages :-)

But we are missing a few rather important ones, including Spanish,
Portuguese and all of the Asian languages :-/

> Most notable differences are:
> - in Switzerland, 'ß' doesn't exist (fortunately)
> - keep some English words where the German translation sounds
> strange/unfamiliar (nobody in Switzerland would ever use the word
> Tauchgruppenführer)

I am puzzled by Tauchgruppenführer as well. But I'll have to admit that
I have never gone diving in a German speaking country, so maybe that's
what people use... other native German speakers who want to weigh in?


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