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Lutz Vieweg lvml at
Mon Oct 15 14:59:56 PDT 2012

On 10/14/2012 02:01 AM, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
>> As an abbreviation to the awfully long word "Durchschnitt" (average),
>> it is common in German to use the "slashed zero" character "Ø", see
> I thought about that and then went with Durchschnitt. But Ø is much better.

You replaced "Durchschnitt" where it was not abbreviated, but you left
  msgstr "Durchschn. Tiefe"
  msgstr "Durchschn. Temp"
as they were - intentional?
You could replace "Durchschn." with "Ø" there, as well.

>> Using the word "Trip" is rare/unusual in the intended context (it could
>> rather be associated with effects of psychotropic substances), a genuinely
>> German word would be "Reise", but "Tour" is also common and has the advantage
>> of having the same meaning in English. (Both "Reise" and "Tour" are of
>> female gender in German.)
> I don't really like either of these words in the context. Please take a
> look at my attempt to consistently use "Gruppe" for the trips.

Hmmm... in terms of describing the grouping of list entries in general, using
the word "Gruppe" is certainly well applied. The only disadvantage in this
particular context is that "Gruppe" could be easily confused with "group
of divers", so people could think "Gruppen-Informationen bearbeiten" means
to edit the participants within a dive group.

Why do you dislike "Tour"?

>> The translation of "Max Deco Time Warning" sounds strange, but I have no better
>> proposal since I don't know what the Ümis dive computer actually means with
>> that warning.
> The Uemis Zurich allows you to set a warning if your deco time is longer
> than n minutes. And this is the warning that you get when this happens.

Ok, then I guess the current translation is as good as it gets :-)

>> I am not entirely sure about the intended meaning of "clip-on", it is not German,
>> maybe "Ansteck..." would be right, but that word is unusual to use without a noun.
>> This refers to a kind of weight - right? - but what kind exactly?
> These are weight "bags" that haev a carabine and can be clipped on your
> BC.

Interestering, I have never seen such a weight in all my years of diving.
I tried to find such a weigth on German diving equipment reseller pages,
but couldn't.

Then I looked for reseller pages that included "clip-on" and "Blei", and
found some offerings - but these were all small, pear-shaped little lead
weights for either sports fishing or S/M sex :-)

So I guess there is just no accurate translation. You could call it
"Anhänger", but that would also not be unambigous.

> Dive masters often use them when diving with new students in case
> the students are underweighted - it's easy to just add a couple extra
> pounds for a student that is just a tiny bit light.

"a couple extra pounds" sounds pretty much for somebody who's a tiny bit light ;-)
(But that might be my skewed perception because as an alomst-warm-water-only
diver, I don't take any weights with me most of the time.)


Lutz Vieweg

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