Call for volunteers [was: Re: Localization]

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Mon Oct 15 15:07:03 PDT 2012

Lutz Vieweg <lvml at> writes:

> On 10/14/2012 02:01 AM, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
>>> As an abbreviation to the awfully long word "Durchschnitt" (average),
>>> it is common in German to use the "slashed zero" character "Ø", see
>> I thought about that and then went with Durchschnitt. But Ø is much better.
> You replaced "Durchschnitt" where it was not abbreviated, but you left
>   msgstr "Durchschn. Tiefe"
> and
>   msgstr "Durchschn. Temp"
> as they were - intentional?
> You could replace "Durchschn." with "Ø" there, as well.

I should. Simply an oversight. Patches welcome :-)

>>> Using the word "Trip" is rare/unusual in the intended context (it could
>>> rather be associated with effects of psychotropic substances), a genuinely
>>> German word would be "Reise", but "Tour" is also common and has the advantage
>>> of having the same meaning in English. (Both "Reise" and "Tour" are of
>>> female gender in German.)
>> I don't really like either of these words in the context. Please take a
>> look at my attempt to consistently use "Gruppe" for the trips.
> Hmmm... in terms of describing the grouping of list entries in general, using
> the word "Gruppe" is certainly well applied. The only disadvantage in this
> particular context is that "Gruppe" could be easily confused with "group
> of divers", so people could think "Gruppen-Informationen bearbeiten" means
> to edit the participants within a dive group.
> Why do you dislike "Tour"?

a) it is definitely not a German word
b) it sounds to me more like "a tour in Iraq" than "a dive trip"
c) I have never heard it used in this context when talking to German
speaking divers

I guess I can switch to Reise - that's at least somewhat reasonable

>>> I am not entirely sure about the intended meaning of "clip-on", it is not German,
>>> maybe "Ansteck..." would be right, but that word is unusual to use without a noun.
>>> This refers to a kind of weight - right? - but what kind exactly?
>> These are weight "bags" that haev a carabine and can be clipped on your
>> BC.
> Interestering, I have never seen such a weight in all my years of diving.
> I tried to find such a weigth on German diving equipment reseller pages,
> but couldn't.


> Then I looked for reseller pages that included "clip-on" and "Blei", and
> found some offerings - but these were all small, pear-shaped little lead
> weights for either sports fishing or S/M sex :-)

See my link above. No fishing and no sex involved.

> So I guess there is just no accurate translation. You could call it
> "Anhänger", but that would also not be unambigous.

Yeah, that's a trailer behind a car, right? :-)

>> Dive masters often use them when diving with new students in case
>> the students are underweighted - it's easy to just add a couple extra
>> pounds for a student that is just a tiny bit light.
> "a couple extra pounds" sounds pretty much for somebody who's a tiny bit light ;-)
> (But that might be my skewed perception because as an alomst-warm-water-only
> diver, I don't take any weights with me most of the time.)

Trust me, if you have a student in a dry suit who you weigh correctly
before a dive and who has buoyancy issues, giving them 2 or 3 pounds of
extra weight makes a HUGE difference :-)


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