Segmentation fault - location double click

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Mon Oct 15 15:10:35 PDT 2012

Ďoďo < at> writes:

> Folks,
> looks like I have special ability to find bugs in case of subsurface ;)

Excellent. We need that!

> Double click on "Location" causes segmentation fault in case locale is
> not En_US.
> Or at least in case of:
> LC_ALL=sk_SK.UTF-8
> The window for location editing is not opened at all ...
> For en_US.UTF-8 there is no problem.

Umm - what exactly are you double clicking on?

You can double-click on an entry in the dive list - this works for me
with different locales.

If I double click on the Location entry in the "Notes" tab of the
notebook (upper left part of the window) nothing happens...

So I think I'm missing what exactly you are double clicking


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