windows issues with gettext

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Mon Oct 15 16:14:52 PDT 2012

"Lubomir I. Ivanov" <neolit123 at> writes:
>>> this particular section in statistics.c seems problematic (for me to
>>> understand as well in terms of .po formatting ),
>>> but also there might be a problem with some of the macros on windows
>>> if the above image is incorrect.
>> Once again - are you 100% sure this is with the latest git tree? This
>> code got changed (and, IMHO, fixed) yesterday...
>> Here's a screenshot
> yes definitely. just tried again with de_DE.
> not everything is translated in the y.statistics dialog (exactly shown
> in the image i've posted) and also the menus are not translated.

During a break I got a quick Windows installer built and tried it in a

Everything is localized for German with the exception of buttons that
use GTK_STOCK_xxx - we ran into the same problem with menu items before,
so this may be a Gtk bug. I'm not sure how to force Gtk to translate
those - this works just fine under Linux :-(

See this screenshot - the Add / Edit / OK / Cancel buttons clearly
aren't localized - but everything else is, right? The menubar on top
(including its entries that you can't see), everything in the yearly
statistics, etc...

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