Locale difficulties [was Re: de_CH translation]

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Tue Oct 16 03:49:48 PDT 2012

Henrik Brautaset Aronsen <subsurface at henrik.synth.no> writes:

> Den 16.10.12 12:31, skrev Dirk Hohndel:
>> so why is our locale named no_NO and not nb_NO ?
> Here's the problem:
> $ ls -d /usr/share/locale/*_NO*
> /usr/share/locale/no_NO /usr/share/locale/no_NO.ISO8859-1 
> /usr/share/locale/no_NO.ISO8859-15    /usr/share/locale/no_NO.UTF-8
> For some weird reason, MacOSX doesn't have the nb_* and nn_* locales in 
> /usr/share/locale.
> That's why I printed the gettext lookups from dtruss in an earlier 
> email.  On the command line, the locale will be "no_NO.UTF-8".  When 
> starting from the desktop, the locale seems to be "nn" (or "nb"). And 
> *that's* why I want aliases.  A simple "cp -R locale/{no_NO.UTF-8,nb}" 
> would solve it.  (Or maybe some magic in subsurface.sh, but I still 
> haven't had time to look at that yet.)

Maybe I'm completely missing what you are trying to tell me, but in
a normal POSIX locale world (for some definitian of 'normal'), if our
locale WAS named nb_NO.UTF-8 then your OS should search for the various
.mo files in
So this seems to indicate to me that with this name for the Norwegian
translation things would Just Work (TM)

But I guess I am missing something.


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