windows issues with gettext

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Tue Oct 16 04:21:41 PDT 2012

Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> writes:
>> attachment to this email is a patch that will add the removal of
>> 'share / locale' subfolders and freetype-config in the uninstall.
> Yes, that was an oversight on my part. Thanks.
>> i've also noticed that the 'packaging' folder is included as well,
>> only containing the 'share' subfolder and this is basically a copy of
>> the $INSTDIR\share.
>> not sure why that happens.
> Strange - that's definitely not what we want.
> The syntax for including folders is rather strange (as it considers a
> folder name itself somehow a pattern, too). I also would like to move
> things around so that the files end up in the same folders
> as the corresponding gtk-related .mo files. That seems much cleaner.
> I ran out of time yesterday evening, but insomnia appears to come to the
> rescue...

Ok, a couple of sleepless hours later I think I have just pushed a
working version. This creates a staging directory for us under
packaging/windows/share and automagically copies all the needed .mo
files into it (the correctness of at least part of that theory was just
shown when I added Henrik's Spanish translation and everything just fell
into place after I recreated the installer).

The installer doesn't appear to include any spurious directories anymore
and uninstall seems to fully remove things. And Subsurface runs fully
localized in my German Windows installation.

I just put a new installer at 

(the new one is 8436551 bytes)

Can you test this and verify that what it installs a) works, b) is sane
(as far as content / directory layout is concerned) and c) completely
uninstalls for you?



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