Locale difficulties [was Re: de_CH translation]

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Tue Oct 16 04:27:51 PDT 2012

Henrik Brautaset Aronsen <subsurface at henrik.synth.no> writes:

> Den 16.10.12 13:15, skrev Dirk Hohndel:
>> Could it be that your environment settings in the shell that you run in
>> Terminal.app are incorrect? Or at least inconsistent to what Apple
>> thinks they should be?
>> If you manually set your LANG (or similar locale environment variable)
>> in one of your shell init scripts to no_NO.UTF-8 than this might explain
>> what's happening.
>> If you instead set it to nb_NO.UTF-8 then things should work, right?
> No, as I mentioned in an earlier mail, the nb_NO locale *does not exist* 
> in /usr/share/locale:

Apple seems just confused...

I checked again on my Mac and while I claimed earlier that I had no
Norwegian at all I must clearly not have been tired enough... now I can
see that I have


which makes me think that it's the 'nb' setting when starting from the
desktop that is broken.

>>> So, with nb_NO.UTF-8 as the locale, it won't find anything.  On the
>>> other hand, if I open Subsurface from the desktop, the following are
>>> searched:
>>> nn
>>> nb
>>> en
>>> Still, with nb_NO.UTF-8, it won't find anything either.
>> Oh, so from the desktop it ONLY searches the first component, without
>> regard for the country code... that might mean that we won't get Swiss
>> German on Mac...
> And *that's* why I want aliases.

Ok, are you able to create a patch that implements what you need?

> But we could rename no_NO to nb_NO regardless, since it's the Right 
> Thing™ to do. And sort out the other problems while packaging.

That would certainly help me on Windows as it would now create a working
installer for Norwegians (I think).

Do you happen to have a Norwegian copy of Windows somewhere with which
you could verify that theory (after I push out the name change and
recreate the installer)?


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