Swedish transaltion update and How to use locale?

Johnny yggdrasil at gmx.co.uk
Thu Oct 18 13:00:36 PDT 2012

Swedish translation update fixing some minor grammatical and translation
issues (e.g. alert, warning = varning, alarm = alarm, dykning/ar = dyk).

Just updated my subsurface install and must say I am impressed with the
improvements! Thanks to all contributors! In an attempt to be useful, I
have done some edits to the Swedish translations attached. Let me know
if this is useful, or I need to create the patches/message above

Incidentally, being completely inept, I can't run subsurface in Swedish
locale? From the CLI I do:

# export LANG=sv_SE.utf8
# export LC_ALL=sv_SE.utf8

this results in:

# locale 
# LANG=sv_SE.utf8
# LC_CTYPE="sv_SE.utf8"
# LC_NUMERIC="sv_SE.utf8"
# LC_TIME="sv_SE.utf8"
# LC_COLLATE="sv_SE.utf8"
# LC_MONETARY="sv_SE.utf8"
# LC_MESSAGES="sv_SE.utf8"
# LC_PAPER="sv_SE.utf8"
# LC_NAME="sv_SE.utf8"
# LC_ADDRESS="sv_SE.utf8"
# LC_TELEPHONE="sv_SE.utf8"
# LC_ALL=sv_SE.utf8

Still, launching subsurface, it starts in English?


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