Submitting patch for Dutch translation of Subsurface

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Oct 28 16:40:04 PDT 2012

Reinout Hoornweg <reinout at> writes:

> Hello,
> For over a year I'm using Subsurface and I am very happy with it. 

Glad to hear that. Out of curiosity - which OS and which dive computer
are you using?

> Time for me to try and give something back to the community. Being a
> Dutch diver, the Dutch translation is something I can help with. I saw
> it was unfinished so I translated all the untranslated strings and had
> a look at the ones marked fuzzy as well.

That's a great way to start.

> Most notable changes to the existing translation I made are:
> - Changed names of months to lowercase (that is the normal way of 
> writing months in Dutch).
> - Changed the format of dates to Dutch format.
> - Fixed a few typos.
> - Changed the translation of divemaster from duikinstructeur 
> (diveinstructor) to duikleider (diveleader).
> - Added myself to the list of translators.

Not speaking Dutch myself this all sounds fine.

> I'm new to contributing to open-source at this level. What is the right 
> way of submitting patches to the Dutch translation? Do I send them to 
> you or is Jacco van Koll the person maintaining the Dutch translation 
> and should I send him any proposed changes to the translation?

We don't have the concept of submaintainers in a small project like
Subsurface. So the polite thing to do would be a) send the patch to the
mailing list and b) explicitly Cc the last person who worked on that
file (so that would be Jacco - I don't count when I just clean things up
or do mechanical processes).

I will add the Cc's to this email and apply the patch. If Jacco has
issues with your translations it's easy enough to change things back :-)

Thank you for providing a good commit message and a Signed-off-by line!


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