working towards Subsurface 2.0

Henrik Brautaset Aronsen subsurface at
Sat Sep 8 00:40:07 PDT 2012

Den 08.09.12 01:09, skrev Dirk Hohndel:
> User starts with more than one filename
> - subsurface opens all of those files
> - when closing it does... what?
>    -- offer to overwrite the first (or last) of the arguments?
>    -- offer to write (overwrite???) the default file? (that seems odd)

If there are no changes, do nothing on exit.  If there are changes, 
offer to overwrite the the default file, with proper warnings.

> The preferences could allow the user to set their own default
> filename. If the preference hasn't been set, then it is
> - ~/Documents/Subsurface/dives.xml on Linux
> - %LOCALAPPDATA%/Subsurface/dives.xml  on Windows
> - ~/Library/Application Support/Subsurface/dives.xml  on Mac

Sounds good.  It might suggest ~/subsurface_dives.xml if ~/Documents 
doesn't already exist on Linux, since not all distributions use the 
Documents folder by default.


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