working towards Subsurface 2.0

Lubomir I. Ivanov neolit123 at
Sun Sep 9 03:30:59 PDT 2012

On 9 September 2012 05:33, Lutz Vieweg <lvml at> wrote:
> On 09/08/2012 04:11 PM, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
>> So people would prefer something like ~/subsurface_dives.xml to us
>> creating a directory?
> I do.
>> I dislike cluttering the user's home directory...
> Adding one file to $HOME does not clutter that directory any more than
> adding one additional subdirectory does. (A directory would make
> sense if more than one file was usually stored.)
>> This is one of the major shortcomings of Linux as desktop as far as I am
>> concerned. With everyone doing their own thing, there is no clear structure
>> and no defaults to rely on.
> I prefer the complexity of freedom to the clear structure of a dictatorship
> :-)
> The default that can be relied upon is that a $HOME directory exists.
> Regards,
> Lutz Vieweg

i think long term planning will really suggest having a
"~/.subsurface" folder if more than one files have to be wirtten/used
also most apps. developed on linux such as gimp, ssh, virtualbox etc
that work on windows use %HOMEPATH%/.someapplication

and i'm sure everyone knows that a file or folder can be hidden
starting with a "dot".

root at debian:~# ls
root at debian:~# ls -a
.   .aptitude	   .bashrc  dev      .nano_history  .recently-used.xbel
..  .bash_history  .config  .gnome2  .profile
root at debian:~#


but somehow i'm missing the point of this feature...
so basically it will ask the user to save file on exit, but save it to
this default file location regardless ?

it certainly will work, but i don't think this is application logic
i've seen before or it could be rare.
this is more of a backup / protection related functionality and i bet
1/5 users will wonder where is this file stored and why. :-)

wouldn't storing a pointer to the last openened file (if exists) in
the configuration be a more elegant solution via a settings checkbox ?
this gives the user better control, since _he_ is the one who created
the file and not the application automatically.


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