request for review and testing: default file name

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Tue Sep 11 07:16:01 PDT 2012

Henrik Brautaset Aronsen <subsurface at> writes:

> Den 10.09.12 23:55, skrev Dirk Hohndel:
>> Henrik Brautaset Aronsen <subsurface at> writes:
>>> I can't quite get it to work:
>>> 1) Open Subsurface
>>> 2) In Preferences, verify that ~/Library/Application
>>> Support/Subsurface/henrik.xml is selected
>>> 3) Log » Import » XML file » test1.xml
>>> 4) Save
>>> 5) Quit
>>> 6) Re-open Subsurface
>>> 7) No log is opened?!
>>> There's nothing written to ~/Library/Application
>>> Support/Subsurface/henrik.xml either (but the folder is created). And if
>>> I leave out 4), Subsurface doesn't ask me to save.
>> Yes. Two bugs. Incorrect folder permissions. Incorrect "things were
>> changed" logic. Both fixed in my latest code that I'll send out for
>> review, soon.
> These bugs still apply.  Or maybe your fixes still haven't been added to 
> the defaultfile branch?

Really? That's rather odd. With the latest commit in that branch
b8753283c72e (Change the definition of "dive table changed") this should
be fixed. Which OS are you testing this on so I can verify here this
does in deed work as expected?


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