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Lubomir I. Ivanov neolit123 at
Sat Sep 15 06:12:55 PDT 2012

On 15 September 2012 14:39, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> wrote:
> Oh, the changes are easy - I have this implemented already. But there are
> some implications… should we move the Import option from "Log" back to
> "File"?
> Linus moved this the other way in commit 3cace090989b with the rationale
> that importing dives from a dive computer didn't feel like a 'file operation'.
> Yet of course importing an XML file is just that.

i think the question here is - what is the difference between a file
and a log and how is that related to subsurface document format ?
one of the first impressions for me was that the import functionality
is not in "file", so perhaps you are right the application does indeed
works with files essentially.

i'm always about long term planning, so where should "export" be
added? "export" is a potential feature that can allow the user to
select 10 dives and write them to a file.

> So the options (as I see them) are:
> 1) have Open not Close the existing file (status quo)
> 2) split Import into two menu items:
> -- Import File (in the File menu)
> -- Import Dive Computer (in the Log menu)
> 3) continue to have just one Import interface, but move it back to File
> 4) have Open indeed open a new file and clear out the divelist, but have
> no easy way to add more dives to your divelist from the File menu
> I think I could live with either 2) or 3) - but 1) and 4) seem very inconsistent.


1) it should "close the file", clear data and also indicated the new
name in the app. titlebar.
2) like i've mentioned above one "import" dialog is ok as long as the
operations it performs are clear.
3) one "import" interface is ok as long as the dialog is not
complicated and there isn't much of a different between the two
functions. it should have its title "import" only thought,
generalizing. for the location i would move it to "file".
4) "import" (from file) could allow multiple files instead of "open".
functionality is a bit flipped currently in contrast to other
software, i think.

- "open" will perform a "close"
- one import dialog is fine
- move "import" to file (think about "export" later on), while the
"log" menu will remain for operations in the list.


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