[PATCH] Use gtk_tree_model_get_value() to get the index and date of a dive

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Wed Sep 19 11:20:11 PDT 2012

Miika Turkia <miika.turkia at gmail.com> writes:

> I still have one of the weird ones left.
> $ ./subsurface dives/*
> - sort by date, newest dive first (if not so by default)

Do you have autogroup on or off in your preferences?

> - select four topmost dives

Um, two of those are in trips, right? Dive 21 and one of the two dives
20 are each in their own trip...

> - right click and select Create new trip above

It matters which dive you right click on. Right click by default ALWAYS
operates on the dive you click on. Only in a couple of cases (where it
really seemed to make sense) it takes all selected dives into account.

> - 3 of the selected dives form the new trip, one is left behind

I absolutely cannot reproduce this. I assume you somehow see 4 top level
dives (otherwise selecting the four dives and asking to insert a teip
before doesn't seem to make sense.

> And continuing with creation of one more new group with the existing
> selection resulted only one dive to be moved to the new group.
> Options what one can do seem to depend on which dive you right click.
> Clicking on the first one in selection does not allow for creating new
> group.

Really? That doesn't make sense. Or I'm not recreating what you are
actually doing.

> Selecting the second from top, moves only one dive to new
> group.. selecting the last moves all but one.

Ok, you lost me.

Can you walk me through this, maybe with some screenshots? Send this
just to me so the attachment limit doesn't kill the messages (and in
order not to flood everyone's inbox).



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