consensus on the mixed case application name

Henrik Brautaset Aronsen henrik at
Sat Sep 22 09:13:47 PDT 2012

Den 22.09.12 17:27, skrev Lubomir I. Ivanov:
> while the lower case "subsurface" is fine for files, the repository
> and other sensitive areas of course, i've noticed that the mixed case
> (or "PascalCase") version has variations -
> for example the "About" dialog uses "SubSurface", while mostly
> everything else uses "Subsurface" including the website.
> i have a patch that changes everything to "SubSurface" in most files,
> but then i realized i'm not sure about this...
> ..and its important to keep in mind that some OS have case sensitive folders.
> what should be the official writing of the application title ?

It should definately be Subsurface.


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