[PULL REQUEST] A couple of small mods post the delmulti rework

Lubomir I. Ivanov neolit123 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 17:49:46 PDT 2012

> You are not testing the same sequence as I am. Here is why:

sorry i never check the row activation. found the cause after you
reported the click on the rows.
i'm having troubles thinking at this hour...

> in row_activated_cb:
>         edit_cb(NULL, w_idx);
> then in static void edit_cb(GtkButton *button, int w_idx)
>         if (!edit_cylinder_dialog(GTK_WIDGET(button), index, &cyl, w_idx))
> i.e. the stack trace shows
> #4  0x000000010001078b in edit_cylinder_dialog (w=0x0, index=0, cyl=0x7fff5fbfdea0, w_idx=1) at equipment.c:1067
> and then calling
> 1067            parent = gtk_widget_get_ancestor(w, GTK_TYPE_DIALOG);
> has every right to blow up, doesn't it?

yep, indeed.

> This has nothing to do with gtk incompatibilities.

git at github.com:neolit123/subsurface.git delmulti
hopefully the last update for this patch.


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