never make significant late changes before a release

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Sep 30 13:17:51 PDT 2012

Which is, I guess, why Linus and I just decided to change the XML file format.

Wait, what?

Never mind.

Linus wasn't very fond of the way the trips were being recorded in the XML. He vetoed my first two implementation attempts and grudgingly accepted number three. But he finally sent in a patch to fix things the way he wanted it - with nested XML.

And frankly, it does make more sense and looks better than what I did.

The patch is fairly simple, the code still reads the old format (and I did quite a bit of testing with all the files I had laying around to make sure it still works fine) but only saves the new format.

This way after the 2.0 release we don't really create any more legacy of people using the old format - and can do some more code cleanup in a while simplifying what we do with the trip flags.

All of you who have saved dive logs with trips in them - please test and compare the before / after to make sure we parse everything correctly.

I am extending the "count down to 2.0" by another week because of this - just to make sure this didn't cause any subtle breakage anywhere.

I am still hoping for documentation updates and for packaging meta data - right now the only fairly complete packaging meta file set we have is for Windows…


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