Liquivision Computers on SubSurface

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Thanks for the link. Seems like there is potential to export from the DiveLog software as a more immediate solution to getting access to the direct downloads due to the OSs being supported by LQ

I wrote to Margaret (CEO for Liquivision) and got the following back.

>Hi Gareth
>Sounds good. Let us know what we need to do... Thanks for the intro, too!
>Margaret Malewski
>CEO, Liquivision Products, Inc

So it appears they will be onside to helping out. What do you need and who do you need to contact and I will try and join the people up?



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On 04/01/2013 03:37 PM, Gareth Lock wrote:
> I have just seen a post on the Dive Forum about the software and it
> looks good. I use both XEN and XEO computers from Liquivsion and would
> like to know if they have been in touch. I am more than happy to act as
> a BETA tester if you haven't got access to the computers or outputs
> already; I was involved in some of the BETA testing for the Mac logbook
> software (Mac man myself).

You may want to read this recent thread on the same topic:


Lutz Vieweg
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