[PATCH 2/2] Use get_dive to populate divelistview with dives

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Fri Apr 19 16:07:44 PDT 2013

Amit Chaudhuri <amit.k.chaudhuri at gmail.com> writes:

> ...Just for the record, the non-use of subsurface types is not a
> "statement" of any kind; purely lack of familiarity with what's there
> already.
> Happy to acknowledge concepts avoidance of float and unwarranted precision.
> My current thinking on the Qt branch is to try and keep momentum up and to
> push stuff that quite likely adds function ahead of style.  I'm reckoning
> that others with complementary experience will reign me in when required.
> But I figure having something out there to provoke comment is probably
> better than waiting longer between commits.
> Let me know if you think I need to shift the balance at all.

No, that's fine. I just was trying to provide exactly that "reigning in"
that you talk about. Normally with more time on my hands I would simply
add more patches to get things to where I would want to see them... but
things at work being the way they are that just isn't likely to happen
right now.

So please don't feel that I am trying to chide you or trying to stop you
from pushing forward here. I'm just registering the areas where I think
modifications are needed.


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