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Mon Dec 2 12:57:39 UTC 2013

On Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 12:45 PM, Henrik Brautaset Aronsen
<subsurface at henrik.synth.no> wrote:
>> IGNORE THIS: Suunto HelO2 with official cable: out of the box, using
>> device /dev/ttys001 (with official cable) on MacOSX 10.9
> Ooops, ignore the "HelO2 with official cable" entry.  I'm not able to get
> that working, and it's not creating a new device under /dev.  The official
> Suunto DM4 software works, though.  Has anyone else gotten it to work with
> Subsurface or libdivecomputer?

The HelO2 with the standard Suunto cable works fine on Linux. HOWEVER,
please check your cable. I had a cable that worked randomly, and it
turned out to be because the only thing that held the cable attached
to the dongle was the solder on the cable. And one of the wires had
taken the strain and come loose.  And it just happened to occasionally
touch the right place depending on the angle/tension on the cable.

So open up the dongle and double-check.

That said, the Suunto serial solution is a truly horrible simplex
solution that simply doesn't work if the driver tries to send at the
same time as receive. libdivecomputer tries to do the right delays and
uses tcdrain() on the USB serial file descriptor, but there is no sane
way to actually drain the USB->serial chip they used, afaik. And
that's assuming that the MacOS USB serial driver does tcdrain
correctly at all.. IOW, it might be somewhat timing-sensitive, and
perhaps not work as well under MacOS as it does under Linux.


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