ideas for tasks before christmas

Lubomir I. Ivanov neolit123 at
Tue Dec 3 13:21:07 UTC 2013

On 3 December 2013 22:49, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> wrote:
> A) printing. printing. printing.
> There are so many ways to make this better.
> End goal would be something with templates, but if you could just
> something where for the 6up print the relative height of text and
> profile can be modified within reason. The profile is cool and
> everything, but most people will want to be able to make it small enough
> to have all of the notes printed...

this is quite hard at the moment and the main fault is exposure to
high level interfaces (e.g. in Qt and lack of templates).
we can enable proportional sizing of profile against table, but that
will not solve things much as we still have to estimate a number of
rows for the table.
honestly, the current table height is quite optimal for the 6print as
getting a row any smaller or the font any smaller breaks the text

i'm a bit out of ideas on this one...
in terms of layout, perhaps we should consider an external format
export where the user can decide the layouting and optional print
parameters himself (like SAC in a specific cell, rating...etc). this
is quite demanding by the user and difficult to implement.
also, this has been discussed before and i think external tools are
the way to go, even if it's subsurface triggered (i.e. a menu entry,

if external tools are not an option i'm thinking of a premature idea
where the user can draw the table (e.g.) in ASCII with some predefined
constants and then we can draw that with Qt's drawing engine, but that
may be MUCH slower that the current implementation.

> B) native building under Windows
> I know you have that mostly working. Having this documented well enough
> that someone else could install the same tools and libraries and retrace
> your steps to get to a working build would be helpful.

i've already provided quite a bit of information on this topic in the
readme, but only one person has asked me for details in a couple of
months, which means there is no interest.
building on Win32 is not easy because pkconfig is broken and there is
the lack good library maintenance.
it's really for experienced Win32/Linux programmers, i would think.
(discussed many times already)

i really think we should drop this for now unless more people have the
request for guidelines.

> C) turn the profile preparation calculation into a two pass thing
> i.e., first calculate JUST the profile, tank pressure, partial pressures
> (and allow the drawing to start once that is done), then do all the
> other calculations (deco, TTS, etc)
> That last one will need some coordination with Tomaz who wants to
> reimplement the profile stuff, anyway

i will have to investigate into that, since when i see deco and tank
pressure i slightly "scatter".
if i see tomaz making initial commits on this one, i can perhaps take
over to make the final implementation.
the drawing itself in Qt is not of much concern for me; what has to be
drawn in terms of diving date is mostly issue. :(


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