towards 3.9.2 and 4.0

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Wed Dec 4 20:49:28 UTC 2013

The number of defects is shrinking fast.

Tomaz is working on a couple of last minute fixes
Thiago is helping with some installer issues
Lubomir will hopefully complete the integration

But I think we are getting close.

My tentative plan is to release a final beta (3.9.2) on Friday.
And if all goes well release 4.0 mid / late next week.

What is missing are three things:

- Documentation

I asked earlier. We REALLY need people to help with this. That means
YOU, not someone else, not just Willem, YOU need to help. Read, correct,
make suggestions, send patches.

- Translations 

I'll be willing to take those after 3.9.2 - the ones that look like they
are almost there and could make it with some help are Italian and
Chinese (TW); Indonesian, Slovak, Vietnamese, Croatian, Bulgarian,
Danish and Hebrew are a bit further away, but frankly, given that it
will be about a week before I cut 4.0 any language could still be

- Testing

Lots and lots of testing. Please play with every menu, every button,
every feature. Try to make it crash. File bugs.

At some point I need to update the web site. That will require more
translation work as well. Any volunteers to help me with the website?

Thanks everyone - I know this took a long time. It's been almost half a
year since 3.1.1, more than 1400 commits. But I think the effort was
worth it.


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