Manual - technical issues

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Fri Dec 6 10:01:56 UTC 2013

When the user manual is activated the manual opens in a browser. But 
this is a bare-frame browser with no controls. If one opens a URL inside 
the manual, the new page does not open in a separate window, but within 
the same browser window. After looking at the link referred to by the 
URL, there is no way to get back to the manual because there are no 
controls to navigate back. This is primarily a deficiency of asciidoc. 
There are workarounds. The obvious one is to add "target="_blank" by 
hand to the URLs in the HTML output from asciidoc and then everything is 
ok. But this prevents automated build of the manual. In order to 
maintain automated build, it may be necessary to write a short program 
to insert the correct attribute.

My question is: Are there any settings of the browser that can be 
changed that can force the opening of a new browser window for URLs 
within the manual?
Kind regards,

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