Font / Fontsize preferences are disregarded

Lutz Vieweg lvml at
Sat Dec 7 10:30:44 UTC 2013


in preparation to update my video tutorial to Subsurface 4.0 one day
I was trying to choose a very large but good looking font for the screen
recording, and was happy to see there is now a preference setting for
that (at least for the list fonts).

I was less happy when I realized that this setting is currently
disregarded, and both the font and the font size settings are back to
their default when Subsurface is started next time. Is this a known bug?

(I was trying subsurface from the git master at
commit b144e64b9b44c7c8eeaf4cfbaa9cdc805514c405 )

It seems that using the Xft.dpi setting is still possible, so I may be
able to work around the issue. But using Xft.dpi is not perfect,
either, see this older thread on it:


Lutz Vieweg

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