Documentation build is broken

Sergey Starosek sergey.starosek at
Mon Dec 9 09:29:25 UTC 2013

On Mon, Dec 09, 2013 at 04:14:35PM +0100, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
> > I'd be really surprised if they added a new command line option in a
> > subminor revision... Are you sure there isn't something else afoot? Can
> > you check the manpage on your system?

Ineed, "--theme" option appeared in version 8.6.6. See or their Mercurial repo at

> To heck with this. The -a theme='theme' version works on my version as
> well, so I just pushed a commit that uses that instead. Can you verify
> that this works for you, Sergey?

Thanks a lot, works for me.

Don't know if it's the "compact_wf" theme to blame, but I personally
hate on-screen serif fonts. Probably I haven't noticed it before.


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