towards 4.0

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Wed Dec 11 19:35:16 UTC 2013

I have pushed everything I will for this early morning.
I'll be on a plane or two for the next 15 hours.

Fair warning: I intend to work on the user manual during that time. If
you are also working on the manual, please make your changes tiny -
ideally create one commit per line that you change (thanks to Willem we
have lines that are paragraph long... so this isn't as crazy a request
as it may sound).

If you break your changes down like this it's much easier for me to
merge the end result when I'm back home.

The plan for 4.0 at this point...

- wait for more documentation updates
- wait for last minute translation updates
- wait for more bug reports and -fixes
- finish the README and ReleaseNotes 

the first versions of README and ReleaseNotes are in the tree, please
comment and especially please help me complete the highlights of what's
new. There is so much stuff... I must have missed a ton!

Also, see above, translation updates... some translations that were
complete a week ago missed a bunch of new strings. Can you please look
into these?

Especially Swiss German, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian have fallen a
bit behind. On the flip sited I am thrilled that we have Chinese and
Bulgarian completed, which both looked questionable just a few days ago.

Thanks everyone


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