Subsurface 4.0 is out

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Dec 15 15:32:02 UTC 2013

I have posted this on Facebook and Google+ (feel free to share).

Some of you usually announce this in various scuba forums as well, so
please go ahead and do that.

A very special thanks to the Qt contributors, most importantly to Tomaz
and Thiago. Without you guys this would never have happened.

I'm still very happy with the migration to Qt. Not everything is perfect
just yet, but now when I run into problems I know we have the experts
around and will get help.

And (grudgingly) I'll admit that I am beginning to like many of the
powerful Qt data structures and how easy it is to implement things.

The flip side of course is that occasionally I have used those data
structures to shoot myself in the foot (passing around pointers to the
utf-8 ConstData of a QString that went out of scope for example...) :-)

Anyway, here are the stats:

$ git shortlog -s -n v3.1.1..v4.0
   567  Dirk Hohndel
   432  Tomaz Canabrava
   137  Lubomir I. Ivanov
   116  Thiago Macieira
   109  Anton Lundin
    38  Henrik Brautaset Aronsen
    33  Miika Turkia
    26  Linus Torvalds
    24  Sergey Starosek
    21  Tim Wootton
    18  Amit Chaudhuri
    16  Maximilian Güntner
    16  Patrick Valsecchi
    16  Willem Ferguson
    11  Alberto Mardegan
    10  Michael Andreen
    10  Robert Helling
     8  Benjamin Fogel
     8  Danilo Cesar Lemes de Paula
     5  Cristian Ionescu-Idbohrn
     3  Alexandre Belloni
     3  Helio Chissini de Castro
     3  Martin Gysel
     3  Taiane Ramos
     2  Luisa Domingues
     2  Salvador Cuñat
     1  Alexandre Dupas
     1  Binoj D
     1  Pablo Wolter
     1  Pierre-Yves Chibon
     1  Vinicius Machado
     1  Werner Macho

This overstates my contribution as I get many commits for cleaning
things up, pulling translations from Transifex, etc. And undercounts the
contributions from translators (as those aren't tracked as authors with
the way we use Transifex).

My only disappointment? Seeing Linus at #8 with only 26 commits.
For a comparable time in 2012 this is how the stats looked:

$ git shortlog -sn 697435b249e1e2f308cc72c85180806cc0765249..2f9960f20b292a2fa8c01da4a0c4600c71f4fc3a
   303  Dirk Hohndel
   114  Linus Torvalds
    68  Lubomir I. Ivanov
    26  Henrik Brautaset Aronsen
    17  Pierre-Yves Chibon
    14  Miika Turkia
     8  Ivan Habunek
     8  Maximilian Güntner
     7  Mikko Rasa
     4  Salvador Cuñat
     3  Martin Gysel

So if we expect about 1.6x Lubomir's contribution from Linus (which
seems fair, both of them aren't exactly C++-card carrying Qt lovers),
then we can come to the conclusion that Linus is about 190 commits short
for this release...

chop, chop, Linus... :-)


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