collected fixes for the website

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Wed Dec 18 09:26:35 UTC 2013

On Wed, 2013-12-18 at 09:56 -0700, Dazed_75 wrote:
> I had promised to send the list of fixes for
> so here they are:
> This is a collection of the findings of a long thread about the
> instructions at with respect
> to building SubSurface 4.x for Linux.
>       * The list of dependencies for both Debian and Fedora based
>         build environments should include libtool and autoconf.  

That has already been changed yesterday

>       * automake is also a required dependency and may not be present
>         on some systems so PERHAPS should also be listed for
>         installation.  It was automatically installed as a dependency
>         on Ubuntu/Debian.

I can add that as well. Just in case

>       * I do not think it is resolved whether there is actually a
>         difference between using qmake or qmake-qt4.  Both were
>         available on my Ubuntu 13.10 and both are links to something
>         else but not to the same thing.  It looked like qmake pointed
>         to something that might alter the environment (not literally)
>         so they ended up doing the same work.  In any case, both
>         worked for me with no discernible difference.

qmake-qt4 if it is available. Otherwise qmake

>       * Another failure that was hard to track down turned out to be
>         an extra backslash in the file subsurface-install.pri.  Dirk
>         has already pushed a fix, but he needs to decide whether to
>         include a manual fix on the building web page for anyone who
>         does not get the latest sources.

That got broken AFTER the 4.0 release. So someone building from 4.0
won't see it (and people building from git will hopefully just pull and
get the fix automatically). So I don't want to clutter the website with


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